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We are zeroed in on specifically addressing the topics of concern to our members, such as how to:

  • Establish innovation as credible business function within your company
  • Manage Project and portfolio governance and metrics
  • Engage leadership, the c-suite and business unit leaders
  • Collaborate with startups, VCs and others entities
  • Create, and manage, innovation labs, incubators and accelerators
  • Most effectively balance your innovation teams connection to the broader company while still maintaining independence
  • Commercialize, and scale, a promising idea

Upcoming 2019 CEC MEetings

Hartford, CT

October 16-17

San Francisco

October 22


January 2020

Archive of Events

New York, New York — July 23-25, 2019

CEC Meeting – New York

Thank you to everyone who joined us in New York City.

It was a fantastic couple of days helping each other work through the challenges of leading innovation in our large complex organizations.

Lima, Peru — April 23-24, 2019

CEC Meeting – Peru

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Lima. And a very special thank you to our hosts at Intercorp, La Victoria Lab and all of the portfolio companies who were so gracious in sharing with us their experiences and offering us a window into their work.

Berlin, Germany — February 12-13, 2019

CEC Meeting – Berlin

We had a fantastic couple of days getting to know our new European Chapter members, learning about their companies, and the successes and challenges of leading innovation in large complex organizations. The first official meeting will be hosted by Unilever in London this spring.

Las vegas, NV — November 15, 2018

CEC Meeting – Las Vegas

Coinciding with Eric’s annual Lean Startup Conference, this meeting focused on updates and accomplishments of our members, planning for 2019, and deep dive open Q&A with Eric. Key take-away – Eric’s insights on the importance of, and best practices to, build cross-functional teams to accelerate innovation. We were also pleased to welcome new member – DuPont and learn about their innovation journey.

Pittsburgh, PA — October 9-10, 2018

Tech Trek

In partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, TechTrek was a unique CEC opportunity to learn about some new technologies and their role in disrupting alost every industry. We learned about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, AI, robotics, and autonomous vehicles from the experts who created them. And from some of the companies that are part of the burgeoning innovation ecosystem in Pittsburgh.

Philadelphia, PA — August 8-9, 2018

Vanguard Innovation Studio

Our meeting in Philadelphia at Vanguard’s new Innovation Studio was focused on creating a culture of innovation at a large, complex company in a highly regulated industry. Our discussions focused on how to build an innovation studio, from location to staffing, and how to manage its relationship with the broader company to create revenue generating products and services.

Cincinatti, OH — APril 11-12, 2018

P&G Global HQ

A rare and unique opportunity to learn about P&G, its history and how it is relentlessly fine-tuning its innovation processes, governance and culture. We heard from senior P&G leaders from different business functions about their relationship to the innovation teams and how they support innovation initiatives, across multiple business units and geographies. Our meeting was hosted at their Clay Street Innovation Studio and in P&G’s historic Boardroom.

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