A community of executives from large organizations tasked with driving growth through innovation and transformation.


Members collaborate with their counterparts from the most distinguished companies.


We learn from each other in exclusive, intimate forums moderated by Steve Liguori and Eric Ries.
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Welcome to The Corporate Entrepreneur Community!

The Corporate Entrepreneur Community is an exclusive peer-to-peer network of change agents from leading global companies. Through the Corporate Entrepreneur Community, they share their experiences and best practices in a trusted, secure environment and receive expert, candid feedback.
Our Objective

The Corporate Entrepreneur Community is dedicated to unlocking innovative growth in large, established companies by transforming their culture to embrace entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation and adopt processes and methodologies to leverage startup skills on a broad scale.

Simply put, we help large companies get out of their own way and grow like startups.

Why Now?

As the adoption of Lean Startup and related entrepreneurial skills within large enterprises evolves, there is a clear need to align Industry leaders from legacy companies who share the same unique challenges.

  • How to keep up with the accelerating pace of disruptive innovation.
  • Losing great talent that won’t even give you a look, or worse, current employees that are leaving to join startups that compete against you.
  • How to most effectively build and inspire innovation teams
  • What are all these new models and skills out there and why can’t large firms “get it”, despite huge efforts?
  • Why are my legacy products, with brand equity and loyal customers, losing market share to startups that weren’t even around a couple of years ago?
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We created this community to connect those on the front lines of innovation at large companies to share their real world experiences, and solutions, with each other.
“The very things that make you successful, like building controls, bureaucracy, and processes to keep you safe, crowd out and kill the things that foster innovation.  And that’s how your company gets disrupted by two kids and a dog in a garage.”

– Steve Liguori

“You can only share open and honest ideas and opinions about innovation and Lean Startup in a group like the Corporate Entrepreneur Community.”

– Eric Ries


Lean Startup Conference •  February 12-13, 2019