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December 6, 2023 – December 7, 2023

The executives that I speak with who are leading innovation initiatives at large, complex companies kept telling me they can’t do it alone. They want to learn from the experiences of others on similar transformation journeys. We created the CEC to facilitate this learning and sharing.

Steve Liguori


You can only share open and honest ideas and opinions about innovation and Lean Startup in a group like the Corporate Entrepreneur Community.

Eric Ries


Some companies that participated in our community events:

We Help Each Other

Be more effective in your role and have a greater impact at your company

The Corporate Entrepreneur Community (CEC) was created for executives from large companies tasked with driving growth through innovation and transformation. Our members collaborate with their counterparts at other organizations, of the same size and scale, and learn from each other in exclusive, intimate forums moderated by CEC Founders, Steve Liguori and Eric Ries.

Unlock Innovative & Transformative Growth

A Trusted Place to Expand Your Innovation Through Peer-to-Peer Exchange

Our community is an exclusive peer-to-peer network of change agents from leading global companies. Through our exclusive events and online community resources, they share their experiences and best practices in a trusted, secure environment and receive expert, candid feedback.

At the CEC, large companies learn how to get out of their own way while leveraging all of their resources to be agile and grow like a startup.

Unlock Innovative Growth

Free a large, established company from its own restrictions

Transform Your Culture

Change to embrace entrepreneurship and disruptive behavior

Learn How to Change

Adopt new processes and methodologies that leverage startup skills

You've already waited too long

Now is the Time

WHY now?

Connect and Share on the Front Lines of Innovation

The adoption of Lean Startup and other entrepreneurial skills within large enterprises is constantly evolving. By aligning Industry leaders from legacy companies who share the same unique challenges, we are able to share real-world experiences, and solutions.

Disruptive innovation

Keep up with the accelerating pace

Innovation teams

How to effectively build
and inspire employees

NEw Models and Skills

Overcome the stumbling blocks stopping large firms from moving forward.

Keep Great talent

Not attracting new talent? Are current employees leaving to join start-ups competing in your space?

Expand market share

Are your legacy products with brand equity and a loyal customer base losing market share to start-ups?

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